WTF Plastic

I'm sorry, but what the hell is this? Seriously. This is a PLASTIC "mason" jar. What? Why? If you want the "cool look" of a mason jar to drink from, here's a novel idea: USE A MASON JAR. I just, I don't know. I'm sorry. I couldn't believe this when I saw it at Target. Does not compute. It just looks embarrassing. I'm now filing this under a new category called "WTF Plastic". Some plastic has a reason, a practical purpose I suppose, and some (like this) is just seemingly random and needless. Thank you crappy, plastic, fake-mason jar for inspiring me to write again lol.


We have a deodorant winner!

Finally have a tried and true homemade deodorant recipe that works for me! I can't believe it. The search may actually be over! It's been a month or so now with it and it is perfect: no skin irritation at all and no body odor. Surprising since it's made with such simple ingredients. I didn't even need arrow root, corn starch, or baking soda and it still works great! Amazed. Link here.

I have mine in a glass jar and it works fine by just scraping a bit out on the top of my finger, though this recipe I believe would lend itself nicely to a stick since it solidifies. 



Just wanted to talk about some of the gifts Ronan got for Christmas as many were eco-minded. Some great ideas here if you are looking for gifts for littles.

 Pictured above is the main haul. We are fans of Green Toys. They are made in the USA and are from 100% recycled plastics. He got a green toy stacker and a green toy airplane. Some awesome homemade gifts from family would be the bibs, hats, and little jacket. So cute! There are some wooden cars we got from a local craft fair, some board books, a photo book of family, and some indestructible books (which are pretty awesome).
The shape sorter was one of the more impressive items: the wood is stained from natural botanical extracts, it's made from rubber wood harvested from a replenishable source, strictly using non-toxic paints, dyes and lacquers and formaldehyde free glue, the packaging is made from at least 70% recycled paper, and the paints are extracted from natural botanical sources such as flowers and leaves. You win, eco-friendly shape sorter.
Then he got some socks and a pair of jeans, a cool Firefly onesie to go with his homemade "Jayne" hat, a wheely bug, a baby's first Christmas ornament, and a little "eco-give" as it were to allow for some fun balls, a mini rainmaker, baby toothbrush, and a whisper ride buggy that, while being a big piece of plastic, is a toy he is rather excited about, is more fun than a stroller, and is at least made in the USA.
Later, we got a few more toys with some Christmas money he got. All of these are Plan Toys. These are sustainable toys that use all environmentally friendly materials. Plan Toys and Green Toys know where it's at! This is a  mushroom kaleidoscope.
A wooden xylophone.
Pounding bench.
Recycle truck ;)
And I ordered through Mighty Nest, another awesome company doing their part. So refreshing to open a box and not have to find plastic pillows!
Added bonus, Ronan could also enjoy the packaging this way. Christmas win!

Not pictured: some cool bead toys, wooden blocks, a rubber duck, and a handmade, wooden mini play kitchen that used to be Ronan's cousin Aurora's. I think this little tike made out like a big dog. I know it's January now, and as usual I am behind on things, but I hope all of you had a blessed Christmas!