MommyCon weekend

Rob and I, along with my sister, brother-in-law, niece, and Ronan of course, attended MommyCon KC on Oct. 26th. It's a convention geared toward the crunchy mama. As such, I figured it was fitting enough to write about here on the blog. Sessions covered things like baby-wearing, cloth diapering, green proofing/baby proofing, normalizing breastfeeding, holistic pediatric care, essential oils, birth without fear, car seat safety, and attachment parenting. Overall I thought it was very enjoyable, not to mention lucrative. I paid $70 for a VIP ticket and $30 for a ticket for Rob and walked away with these goodies:
Free stuff!
That's right, you are looking at TWO new baby carriers that start around $100 each, a new API book, some baby food, and two pacifiers. Not pictured: two bottles that we gave to my sister because she pumps and I don't have a use for them.

The Beco carrier was given out at the VIP play date, an hour event the day before the convention where all attendees walked away with a new carrier. This was the reason I got the VIP tickets. I mean, I pay $70 for the VIP play date and convention and I am guaranteed a baby carrier that cost at least $100. I'd say that's a no brainer. I had to really get in on it quick though, as it was open to the first 30 people and my sister and I just so happened to buy right away so we could go to the VIP part. Here is a picture MommyCon took of us at the VIP play date:
Left to right: Random other attendee with babe, my sister Lacey with my niece Aurora, and then me with baby Ronan.
The Ergo carrier was a prize on the day of the convention for Ronan wearing a Halloween costume. That's all we had to do. It was like they were giving carriers away like candy. Pretty sweet. The baby food was free at the Happy Family vendor's booth and the bottles and pacifiers came in the goodie bag we were given at the door. I won the book during an Attachment Parenting workshop.

Here's a run down of what the weekend looked like:

On Friday the 25th, we had a family day. My sister, niece and mother came to visit. We met up at the VIP play date first and got our baby carriers. Then, we all had a long lunch together. They stayed until Rob got off work and then we had dinner together too.

Saturday the 26th was the actual MommyCon event. My sister, brother-in-law Matt, niece, Rob, Ronan and myself were in attendance. 9:30am was Babywearing 101. Then at 10 I went to Essential Oils 101 while others went to Cloth Diapering 101. I was hoping the Essential Oils would have been a bit more informative, but it seemed more like a "buy this starter pack and book" spiel instead. I guess you can't cover a whole lot in only a half hour either. I did learn about lavender oil helping with teething pain. Haven't tried that one yet. Do I have any readers that have tried this with success? Please tell me about it. I still hope to learn more about essential oils in the future, when I have time. At 10:30 I went to Green Proofing and Child Proofing. Lacey and Matt went to Birth Without Fear (she is pregnant with #2). Here is a picture from the Green Proofing and Child Proofing. This session was pretty good, though I already knew about most of the natural cleaning methods:

Then there was time for lunch and visiting vendor booths, with changing and feeding Ronan interspersed as well. Check out the sweet changing room set up. I now wish I had something to dangle a toy above baby while changing at home:

They also had little tot potties in the bathrooms. How adorable and thoughtful:

Lunch was delicious and Ronan approved:

Celebrating turning 8 months by going to MommyCon!
1:15 was The Leaky Boob, which we only caught the tale end of due to our leisurely lunch, but it seemed good. I wish I would have been there from the start. It was about normalizing breastfeeding. 2pm was a costume contest and that's when we got yet another carrier as all participants got one. Then there was A Holistic Approach to Pediatric Care that ended up being mostly about chiropractic care, which is fine, but Lacey and I thought it might have include more. 3pm Rob and I went to Creating Calm in a World of Chaos (with Attachment Parenting International) while Lacey and Matt went to Car Seat Safety (they are looking to get another seat now that they have a second baby coming). At the end we all attended The Baby Gear Guide, where they gave out lots of prizes like strollers, car seats, more baby carriers, high chairs, etc. There were a few other workshops/seminars we didn't attend, like: Kangaroo Care and Skin-to-Skin, That's a Wrap: Using a Woven Wrap and, Wool Always <3 You (an introduction to wool in cloth diapering). I'm sure they were awesome as well, but you had to pick and choose as some things were at the same time and these didn't really apply to me.

It was a fun time and refreshing to be amongst like minded mommies. The only improvement I would make would be longer workshop sessions as many were too short to really delve into the topics at hand, but then again, this is the first year for MommyCon, so perhaps with time things will improve. Any readers that were in attendance either at the KC MommyCon or any other MommyCon event?

MommyCon even put out their own toys on the floor so kids could play with them. Cool.