String cheese

Why am I posting a picture of string cheese? Because, ladies and gentlemen, a dream of mine came true recently. I was able to find a bag of string cheese that does not involve individually wrapping each piece! I know this doesn't sound like much, but I had always questioned why it couldn't be done. So, when I discovered this, it made my day. You can find this at Natural Grocers. I like string cheese, and (confession) I had some during pregnancy despite the waste because I needed healthy protein snacks and string cheese called to me. But, now that I'm no longer pregnant, I just couldn't justify the waste that is involved with string cheese. So I went back to not eating it again. Until I found this beauty. Now I can occasionally indulge without having an excessive amount of plastic waste. Yes, there is some plastic here, but I think it's so cool I could find someone who doesn't individually wrap them at least. It's the small victories.