Using a reel mower

We bought our house in October last year. It was a dry summer so there wasn't much need to mow before winter. Just hours of raking. But, we got a mower anyway. I believe we had to use it twice in 2012.

This thing is pretty great. No gas to buy. No blade to sharpen. No spark plugs to change. It's the ultimate zero waste mower! It's pretty easy to push, involving less effort than a gas mower with no power assist. Today was the first mow of the year. Took maybe half an hour.

As with anything there are downsides. It doesn't cut grass that's under leaves and doesn't really do anything to the leaves, so in the fall there's a lot of raking. And, it gets caught up on sticks a lot, so today I spent an hour picking up sticks before I even got started.

But it's quiet and peaceful. You can listen to some music without having it turned up too loud. I could even strap my baby to me and the sound would probably put him to sleep in seconds. I actually enjoy mowing with this.