Diabetic dilemma

So, I recently found out that I have gestational diabetes. Sucks, sure. But, at least I have been able to maintain things with diet alone and it should be something that goes away after delivery. But, it's something I hadn't given much thought to before...How is it possible for diabetics, in general, to live without all the plastic waste? This picture is probably just a month's worth of plastic, pointy, pricks. I can't imagine a long term situation of testing your blood (pain to finger wise and waste wise). And then think of all the people in the world that have to deal with this issue. I'm assuming there isn't much alternative, but it just made me wonder.

In the past, I have often thought about medical waste in general, generated in hospitals and doctor's offices. All the single-use plastics. For example, a plastic cap on the thermometer they put in your mouth and then immediately throw away (instead of just sterilizing). Or, same goes for the plastic caps they use to look in your ears and then just throw away. I sometimes wonder if I'm the only one that thinks about these things. But, I just think about the global impact when you put many offices and hospitals together with this mountain of waste. 

Okay, I know we didn't get anything resolved, but I just wanted to bring up the subject. Sorry if it only served to depress you! Anyone out there in the medical field have ideas/comments? Is this an area that can't yet be tackled, or has anyone heard of facilities making eco-friendly changes in the field of medicine?