Wordless Wednesday

See if you can spot what is happening on both sides that is so depressing to me.


Time to shave

We got a new razor a while back. We got tired of the expense and trash associated with the Mach 3.

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed the Mach 3. It was virtually impossible to cut myself with it. I remember only one injury, and it was caused by stupidity. The razor had gotten stuck on some hair on my upper lip, and I foolishly pulled. Hard.

So we've abandoned the relative safety of the cartridge razor in favor of an "old-fashioned" safety razor, where apparently "safety" is a misleading term at best. To sum it up, it's only safe if you don't allow yourself to be lulled into a false sense of security by the name.

Trash-wise, we've saved a bunch of plastic from the cartridges. Each blade is wrapped in cardboard, packed in a cardboard box. There is still some plastic wrap around that box, at least the one we received with the razor. We may be able to avoid that when we need more razors, which will be quite a while. We're still on the first one and it's been three months.

So first, a before shot:

Using the razor made me, at first, a little nervous. It seemed difficult to get it tilted at the right correct angle to cut without cutting. Before you get used to it, I understand the trick is to put it against your skin perpendicularly, and then tilt until the blade is at the angle needed to cut hair. And from my experience so far, the "safety" seems to come from the fact that if you tilt too far, you're not pushing the blade directly into your face because of the lip of the head.

During this first shave, there was one real injury. I think it was caused by a large zit or other imperfection in the skin on my neck. I haven't cut myself since.

Here's the after. For this first go, I didn't want to deal with anything so challenging as a chin, therefore I present to you my very best Deadwood:

The chin puff went away after a day, and I found that it's not all that much more tricky to shave a chin with this than any other razor. And that's the story of how I started wearing a moustache most of the time.

I've found that overall the razor does a great job. But it's difficult-to-impossible to get my chin smooth as an Android's bottom, especially under the corners of my mouth. Jess has even made the switch and uses it successfully now. Though I'll never understand her lack of shaving cream.