Wordless Wednesday

These are simple blog posts that feature a photo capable of conveying a message that needs little to no written description. 
We got ourselves some compostable toothbrushes and they work great! Can you even fathom the amount of plastic waste we create when every human goes through 2-4 plastic sticks a year?


Taking out the trash

So, previously I had mentioned how we were pleased that we had finally got to a point where we only needed to take the trash out about every two and half weeks using this one trash can. Now, I am even more pleased to say that we are able to go a whole month before having to take this trash can out. We have successfully done this for the past two months now. As far as cat waste goes, we bag that with the paper bags we've collected and just walk it out to the dumpster so that it's not stinking up the trash can that now sits for a month. It's been working great.

Not only is progressively limiting ones waste eco-friendly, it means you get to be lazy and not have to take out trash all the time. Win-win! How often are you taking your trash out? What are ways to work on stretching that?