A zero waste pizza restaurant

We discovered, by way of a Google Offer coupon, a new pizza restaurant whose website says is a "zero trash facility". Their ovens are wood-burning!

It was pretty good stuff. Though we're not big on toppings, it was nice to see a restaurant that uses local, organic produce when possible for its toppings. But one of the coolest things about it was the LED lighting and the fact that in the next few months they'll be running off their rooftop solar panels.

Trash-wise, there was still a little, but the sources of trash are the sorts of things I imagine may be difficult to avoid in a restaurant.
  • Napkins are a potential source, though they could be composted. I'd guess it's likely these kind of napkins came wrapped in paper.
  • They did use plastic gloves to top the pizzas ,which was odd given that they did not wear gloves to work the dough before topping them
  • I also saw waxed paper cups. I'm still unsure if waxed paper cups are actually waxed or if they're plastic-coated.
  • There were also honey bears, which would be partially recyclable at least.
  • Pizza boxes are a trouble spot too, because many of us can't recycle greasy cardboard.
  • There was a soda fountain. I was unable to tell definitively but I think it was probably bag-in-box, so there's a plastic bladder to throw away in the end, though at least each five-gallon bag will serve many customers.
  • I'm curious about the non-produce toppings. It might be difficult to get the cheese and meats without plastic.

Anyway, it was a cool place, and pretty cheap. $8 for a 10 inch pizza, with any toppings you want. At dinner time it's $9 for the pizza, a salad, and a drink, but the fine print of the coupon we had forced us to buy only pizzas. That's ok though; I didn't need a salad. So we just got three pizzas and brought one home!

Go there.