Plastic challenge, week 4

Total weight of plastic trash total: 601 g
224g regular plastic tally + 377g from the packaging our new TV stand came in. So, I'd like to say lowest yet (as 224g would be the lowest of this four week challenge) but with the Styrofoam from the TV stand, it becomes the highest amount of the challenge.

  • Charmin wet wipes package (apparently we are going through these too quickly and will have to be mindful of this)
  • Plastic wrapper from toilet scrubbies (I plan to switch to this brush if they ever get some more in stock) and then start making my own bowl cleaner to go with it.
  • Vitamin bottle (recycled)
  • Plastic ring to new vitamin bottle (this time we got whole food vitamins in glass)
  • Plastic ring from new fish oil bottle
  • Empty Advair and plastic sleeve it comes in
  • Empty Tums bottle (recycled)
  • Two milk rings and caps
  • Moment of weakness Blizzard lid and spoon
  • Two mint wrappers
  • A sauce container, from Domino's (recycled)
  • A mini pile of plastics bits, screws, glue, etc. from inside the TV stand box
  • A cat treat package
  • A bit of plastic from installing child proofing for said cats
  • Two plastic sleeves neither one of us could remember the purpose for :/
  • A few plastic windows from mail
  • A bubblewrap-lined envelope
  • Not pictured, two straws from HuHot because we didn't get our wishes communicated in time 
  • Big box of Styrofoam from TV stand (gets its own picture)
Fun Notes
  • Man, I really love our new TV stand, but I'm saddened by all the waste it produced. It's just a reminder to consume less and be very conscious of all purchasing because each time you buy something it adds up.
  • I'm happy that besides the TV stand waste, our tally progressively declined with each week! This challenge was really good for us and has helped us to identify problem areas to work on.
How did your personal plastic challenge go? We have finished our four week challenge, but it's never too late to do your own. It really is an eye opener.