Plastic challenge, week 3

Total weight of plastic trash: 344 g (lowest yet)

  • Cat food bag
  • Fish oil bottle (recycled)
  • Charmin wet wipes package
  • Herbal Essence shampoo bottle (recycled and the last one, Rob is now using the bulk shampoo I've been using)
  • Neutrogena anti-residue shampoo bottle (recycled and the last one, this was a special shampoo I used once a week, but now that it is gone I'm going to try to not get any more. Perhaps if I have build up issues I can try a more natural home remedy)
  • Hand sanitizer bottle (recycled, I still have several of these. Once I use them up I may make my own or do without)
  • More milk rings and lids than I would have thought
  • Nasacort nasal spray bottle
  • Medicine bottle (recycled)
  • Wrapper from a bar of chocolate (that was fair-trade, dark, and something we shared and made last for over a month)
  • Lid, ring, and agitator thing from a bottle of pre-made Margarita (enjoyed on our mini vacation)
  • Two little Parmesan cups (recycled)
  • Wrapper from a block of local cheese
  • Wrapper from a box of gum (last one. I found out gum itself is plastic. Maybe sometime I will get my hands on these. Until then, I may just try to find mints in glass or tin containers.
  • Two plastic bits from mints (I still have several peppermints to use up, individually wrapped, that I keep in my nightstand for when I have an upset tummy)
  • 4 fruit stickers
  • a band-aid (when this box is gone, our next box is fabric band-aids. I'm sure we could go a step further and just get gauze and paper tape or something, but this is the step we are taking for now)
  • Some plastic windows from mail
  • Shake cups/lids (recycled the cups. We went inside Winstead's for shakes and discovered they had betrayed us. We had no idea they stopped serving them in glass until they brought them out to us in plastic. Sad. Can we not get shakes without plastic or Styrofoam anywhere?)
  • 4 straws (two from the shakes, two red ones from...well honestly neither of us can remember)
Fun Notes:
  • Not sure if this one is really "fun" news, but we decided to try to get some loaves of bread from a local bakery. This sounds great in theory, but they refused to put bread in our bread bags even though their bread was loose. Guess we will not get bread there. I have to say I was kind of surprised by this one actually. Since Panera and Whole Foods do it, you'd think a small place like this would. Oh well. I guess this is just one example of how we refused (refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, rot) so I thought I'd add it here since it meant that those plastic sacks did not end up in our tally.