Plastic challenge, week 2

Total weight of plastic trash: 368 g (a little less than last week)

  • A bottle of cat odor remover (recycled)
  • A bag of cat treats
  • A razor cartridge and plastic case (last one, now we will be ordering a safety razor, that does not require plastic replacement heads)
  • An Arby's cup (recycled, but no excuse...I should have taken my water bottle)
  • Plastic rings from the tops of two half gallon ice cream containers
  • A yogurt container and lid (recycled)
  • Plastic wrap from a block of cheese
  • Plastic price sticker for meat that we got in our jar
  • Two lids and rings from glass milk products
  • A wrapper from a fortune cookie
  • Four small plastic containers that contained Parmesan and marinara, due to getting pizza out (some recycled)
  • A sticker telling me of a discounted price
  • A tag from a container of flowers
  • Plastic window from mail
  • Plastic sleeve from our checks that were delivered to us in the mail
  • And then the entire right hand side of the table is due to Compassion. I put on a Compassion Sunday event at my church, which is a great organization when it comes to helping children in need, but not as great as far as plastic waste (Mailing plastic, individual plastic sleeves the sponsor children packs came in, the DVD that was shown at church, etc.). I was able to get seven children sponsored, so I'm saying it's worth it in this case, but do wish that they could cut back on the waste in some way.
Fun notes:
  • Realizing our cats cause quite a bit of our plastic waste, but what can we do really? I may get to the point of trying to make some of my own cat treats, but we aren't there yet. I am going to try out some homemade odor/stain removers though, so maybe that can be a helpful step. And, we're considering the toilet training option.
  • We just took out the trash (first time in two weeks), so there is the added plastic from the bag. Eventually when we have finished off these trash bags we will be switching to bio-degradable ones.
Still two weeks left in the challenge, plenty of time to join in!