Plastic challenge, week 1

Total weight of plastic trash: 391 g

  • 2 cat food bags
  • Charmin wet wipes package
  • 2 dead pens
  • Plastic bag from hatch huggers for new car bike rack
  • Medicine bottle from Augmentin (recycled)
  • Plastic bag from cornstarch (on the lookout for cornstarch in bulk)
  • Wrapper from a mint
  • Flosser head (last one, now will just be using up regular floss instead of individual flossers)
  • Five envelope windows from junk mail
  • Plastic coupon card for Kay, which we just discovered was actually meant to be for a neighbor. A comment will be left on their Facebook page regarding the silliness of printing plastic coupons. Everyone should comment!
  • Plastic bits from our new box fan that held the feet together
  • 2 big stickers, one in English and one Spanish, also from the new box fan
  • 1 apple sticker
  • Top from bag of cat treats
  • Strawberry box (recycled)
  • 2 milk caps with rings
  • Earplugs from an MRI
  • 2 license plate brackets from new car
  • Frank Ancona vanity plate pre-attached to the front of the new car
Fun notes:
  • The cat food bags were 121 g together. We'll always have these every so often for the foreseeable future, but Virgil turns 1 in a few days, so we can at least buy bigger bags of adult food from now on instead of having to get both an adult cat bag and a kitten bag.
  • The Honda advertising was 158 g, which was 40% of our total. Assuming no additional car purchases in the next week, we should be looking pretty good at our next weigh-in.
  • That new box fan helped drop the interior temperature by 5 degrees in just a couple hours. More on that later.
Joining us for week 2 of the challenge? Let's here from you. Here we go.