Plastic-free tea

Mostly. For a long time I've been looking for a way to get iced tea in sufficiently large quantities from QuikTrip without using one of their big plastic throwaway cups. I had hoped to find some sort of large stainless cup with a lid.

During Lent, I came up with a solution. I just wasn't able to try it out until after Easter. I had been using a quart milk bottle as a water bottle at the office, and I realized the half gallon variety would be perfect for tea from QT. The only plastic involved is the lid and the little handle.

Besides being less plastic-y, this is great because I use ice from the ice machine at work and drink it from my office pint glass. That means I get more tea in my bottle when I fill up. Plus, 64 oz still fits in the 99-cent refill category.

Don't be fooled by the lid.
This bottle contains no whole milk.