New car!

We recently took the advice of many of our family and friends and bought a new car rather than waiting until we could afford a decent down payment on a house. And we couldn't be happier.

We got a 2012 Honda Insight LX. The LX stands for "cheapest one with cruise control".

For me, this was the fulfillment of a 12-year-old dream of mine, ever since my dad and I test drove one of the first Insights that was only a two-seater.

I'll put together more of a review sometime in the next couple weeks, but now that we've filled up our tank for the first time after bringing it home, I wanted to at least report that we got 49.87 mpg on our first tank, which took us 409 miles in just under 9 days. And show you a couple pictures taken while my phone wasn't wearing its glasses.
Someone help us pick a front plate, something that doesn't give free ad-space to the dealer.
We're excited to have a rear wiper for once.
Opening the hatch reveals plenty of room for whatever baggage you might be encumbered with.