What did I throw away at work?

Maybe this is a bit anticlimactic. There didn't turn out to be much; maybe a month would have been a better experiment. In fact, for April, I think I'll do that.

Anyway, here's what I threw away last week at work.

  • Tissue paper from my weekly croissant at Foo's.
  • Sticker from an apple. The core went in our compost cup.
  • A few paper towels from the bathroom at work. I usually use two per visit. And I often go three or four times a day, depending on water intake.
  • Two paper towels in the bathroom at Whole Foods, but they compost those. 
  • Accidentally used two paper towels twice today. I meant to not do that, but I forgot to bring a towel or something to use.
  • Steve gave me this little calendar thing that had a metal binding. No one needs the calendar, so I dismantled it and recycled the pages, but the binding rings went in my trash can.
  • I successfully avoided paper towels in the bathroom by way of using air, my shirt, and my pants to dry my hands this day. I still forgot to bring a towel.
  • I had an apple, so my sticker went in the trash. And for some reason my brother put his own tangerine sticker on my desk, so I'm the one that put it in a trash can.
  • I was off on Friday to recover after staying up late to watch the Hunger Games at midnight Thursday night. It wasn't just that, though. Once we got home, I stayed up longer reading. The point is, I slept until noon and at home I don't remember throwing any trash away during business hours, unless there was another apple sticker.
One of these days I'll bring a towel to work.