Minimization challenge

This is the result of our little home purge project. Despite what the picture may suggest, our cat is not to be donated. Not pictured is the boxes and boxes of movies and books we sold to Hastings and to Half Price Books, and the items we gave to friends such as DVD towers, book shelf, etc. Also, after this photo was taken, I was able to fill yet another box and a half. It kind of looks like we are moving! This time we are donating our haul to Ozanam. It feels so good to minimize.

Are you up for the minimization challenge? Here's an easy way to get started:

Space it out over one to two months. Pick a day of the week. I like Monday because it starts with M. Minimize Monday! See how much better that sounds? Motivating isn't it? Anyways, each Monday you tackle one room or closet in the house. Repeat each week until you are done with every single room and closet, and have several boxes to donate.

One Monday we focused on kitchen minimization, another Monday it was the bedroom closet, another it was the living room/dining area, you get the idea. This also aids in organizing your boxes when you are ready to give, because many of the contents are already organized by room and purpose.

I'd highly recommend doing this challenge at the start of each and every year. In between purges, try your best to value experiences over acquiring new things. Make conscious purchases when you do need to buy and try not to splurge on impulse. Who's taking the challenge? Let me hear about your minimizing projects. Have fun!

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