Solo grocery shopping

Spoiler alert: In the near future, it is likely that Jess will post something about some granola bars she'll be making soon. I'm really excited about that, and in my opinion it would be a Zero Waste Triumph on the level that making one's own Pop-Tarts would be, if I ever figure that one out. How brilliant would it be to be able to have granola bars, yet not have little foil wrappers around each one? I'm sure she'll share her recipe and where she found it when that time comes.

I'll get back to why that's relevant in a moment.

Tonight I went grocery shopping alone. I don't really remember the why of it, but that just happened.

All in all, solo grocery shopping was a success. I came back without a loaf of bread for spaghetti because they were out of what we normally get, and I was specifically told not to try to pick a concealer stick.

I did hit two snags. The first was that I thought they had wheat germ in a bulk bin but I couldn't find any. They did have it in a plastic bag, which is undesirable if avoidable. I asked the man that was checking stock in the aisle if there was any not in plastic, and after looking around at the bulk bins himself--he too thought they had it--he took me one aisle over where there was a glass jar of it. Not in the same aisle as the plastic bag.

The second trouble spot was coconut oil. I knew generally what it looked like but didn't see it with the other cooking oils, so I was going to give up for the moment. When I got to the register to check out, for once I actually had something to say when they asked if I found everything. I asked about the coconut oil and the bagger ran and grabbed a couple options for me to choose from.

So, I'm very grateful there are folks there to help me when I'm blind.

Anyway, the moral of the story is actually to not go grocery shopping alone when you can avoid it. Jess is an invaluable partner in shopping, especially when it comes to the checkout, where she likes to bag and I can't concentrate on the bagging process and the providing-tare-weights-and-PLUs-as-needed process at the same time.

And if you're wondering about the granola bars, Jess will be needing both the wheat germ and coconut oil.

If it helps, they look like this: