Latest grocery trip

Obviously we don't post every time we make a grocery trip, but it has been awhile since we did a post on it and I wanted to touch base with how we've been doing. As seen below, zero waste at the grocery store is pretty much down to a routine. There are still some things. For example, the day I was making brunch for family and wanted turkey bacon, the meat counter at Whole Foods did not have any, even though I'd seen them have some before, so I had to get it in plastic :/ But, for the most part, we have been doing pretty well. The only waste on a regular basis is the lids from milk glasses, stickers from fruit, plastic wrap around blocks of cheese, and the wire band wrapped around the spinach. We still get the occasional soup in cans. The more my sister Lacey tells me about cans, and the more I read on them, I kinda want to get away from those as well. But honestly, I don't know if we are at that point yet. I mean, would I be able to make decent enough tomato soup on my own? What about my canned tuna?! So, idk. 
Pictured: Various fruits and veggies in reusable mesh bags, breads and grains in reusable hemp bags, snacks, cereal, peanut butter, honey, and flaxseed in our jars, milk and cream in glass that the store takes back.

We are still trying to focus on zero waste as a whole. I know we can improve in other realms of our life, like limiting waste the times we eat out, with cat products, etc. But, now that we've been doing halfway decent on the zero waste shopping aspect (limiting packaging, disposable products, etc.) we are also trying to slowly incorporate other "green" ideas. For example, shopping locally, being more minimal, trying to use thrift shops first if we do need something, buying/making products that are more sustainable, trying to figure out how to make the least environmental impact with our food choices, trying to make a plan for using less gas in the future, using less electricity will be an eventual goal most likely, as well as using water responsibly. 
A David Crowder reusable bag! Got this when we went to their concert in OK :)

Anyways, just wanted to update. More adventures to come! Ideas and advice welcomed.
P.S. If anyone has any good ideas for an alternative to a lint roller, I'm all ears.