Zero waste purchases, an oxymoron?

Shaving soap in bowl form. Rob has been using this kind for awhile now, though we just got him a new wooden bowl for Christmas since his old ceramic one broke into pieces. Shaving with soap and a brush seems to be more zero waste friendly as the only waste ends up being the cardboard the new soap comes in (this can be recycled) , no plastic tubes or aerosol cans. Love the look of the wooden bowl :)

New reusable shopping bags. Rob got me some new ones for Christmas as some of our older ones were on their way out.  These are super cute, have no store logos, and the best part - the straps are long enough for me to put them over my shoulder.

Mark another thing off my 101 list. We got some reusable handkerchiefs now that we have phased out Kleenex. So far, I think they are working great. I also enjoy not having randomly themed Kleenex boxes in almost every room of the house. It actually frees up space. Obviously it eliminates needless waste, which is the ultimate goal.

We got a pasta maker! Rob has been wanting one for awhile and now we will be able to make our own spaghetti, crackers, etc. I don't want to write about this too much because I know Rob will make a post about his yummy pasta experiences soon. I'm looking forward to it.