Two week trash can!

I just wanted to say that today marks the end of the second week since we last emptied our kitchen trash. I'll take it out tomorrow, because it is at capacity by now.

The last time we emptied the kitchen trash was Friday, the 13th, prior to our movie night. We had to empty it then primarily because we had filled it up by going through our keepsake boxes and discarding a bunch of things, including many photos that were out of focus or pointless or held no special memories for us.

The time before that was the 6th, but that time was because Virgil shoved a 4 qt Pyrex bowl off the ledge and it shattered all over. I didn't want to leave a bunch of tiny bits of glass in there for another week; when the can isn't heavy the cats will knock it over to see what's in there.

What's in the bag?

Well, like I said we emptied it just prior to movie night. So a not-small portion of the starting contents of this can is the fast food trash brought in by others.

Then we filled it up. I had to make some mandatory deposits courtesy of our kitties. I think it's safe to say that might actually account for the majority of this bag o' trash. The rest is our own fast food trash, because we still can't seem to resist the call of Taco Bell, McFlurries, and Arby's. And just tonight we're going through a few more old photos, weeding out the ones we don't need. We'll end up scanning many of the ones we keep so we can throw those away and not have clutter. And hopefully try not to acquire too many more physical photos.

Unrelated, but still cool
Oh, and I forgot to mention when I was telling you about the office recycling. One day I had an extra cup on my desk that I'd been using for QT tea refills for a while, and I was having some of my monkey-picked oolong tea, and I had this idea to collect my tea leaves like we do at home. So I dumped my leaves in the cup. Then my brother Jim did the same with his leaves. Then I threw an apple core in. And Jim started throwing his banana and orange peels in there. It's my super-classy office compost bin!

Note to self: Don't bring it home to dump in our pail at home. You may not realize it just looking at it, but if you fill up a 32 oz cup with compostables, that's a whole quarter of your compost pail. Must remember to take it by Whole Foods on my way home from work in the future.

That's only half of it.