Lately, I have been using this shampoo I was able to find in bulk in Topeka. I just pour it into my own container shown here. Now, I know that's a drive, so it's not ideal and the only reason I justify it is because I can get it when we are in Topeka anyway visiting family (we don't just go to Topeka for the shampoo obviously). I wish we could find bulk shampoo around here, as that would be more convenient. Rob is still working on his current bottle of shampoo and then will be using this with me. We are open to other ideas as well though, and we've heard about shampoo bars and no poo. Rob tried the no poo though and ended up not liking it. My hair would be disgusting if I didn't wash it often. I really like the smell of this bulk kind and we will just go this route for the time being, but may experiment with other ideas in the future. Advice and ideas?