Recycling at work

For a while I've been in the habit of collecting some things on my desk at work to bring home to recycle. My brother would put some things on my desk to recycle. Occasionally Steve would put some things on my desk to recycle. Martin started putting some things on my desk to recycle.

So I figured it'd be so much easier to collect all this in a box that I can take home periodically. I made a nice sign to hang from it. Two signs, actually, because we expanded to two boxes so I had one to take home and could leave one behind.

Martin generously offered the unused cart next to his desk to put our box on. And then we started officially using the second box full-time when he came up with the brilliant idea to separate the cans from the rest so we can fit more and keep it a little more "organized", reducing the chance of spilling and getting Martin's desk all sticky.

Then Martin and I saw our boss throw away a can, so I grabbed another empty box and went in and succeeded in getting Dave to recycle his cans!

Anyway, here are our bins. As you can see, Steve drinks a lot of Pepsi Throwback. My next step is to acquire some additional boxes to put by the printers in our area and make a slightly different sign to encourage the recycling of all paper that doesn't need to go in the shred bin. Although, if Cintas does for our shred bin what they seem to do for their free public shredding events, maybe the shred bin isn't so bad after all. Sounds like their shredded paper gets recycled.