Finally composting

My parents got us this compost pail for Christmas! We've been wanting to compost for some time now, but I think we were dragging our feet because of living in an apartment. But, the more I educated myself, the more I couldn't bring myself not to. And, after reading the article in the KC Star where this other zero waste couple took their compost to Whole Foods to drop it off, we decided it was the final little push we needed. If we get a house in the future, we plan to do some of our own composting, but this is an easy way to transition. I honestly had no idea there was a compost drop before reading that article (I don't generally go into the cafeteria where it is, so I never really noticed it before. And, I'm not really sure it's meant to be used as a place for people to bring their own in, but we haven't been called out on it yet). We were entertaining ideas of balcony composting and all the difficulties that would entail, but this proves to be a way easier option. Typically we fill this pail in a week's time and then take it with us when we make our weekly grocery trip. So far, it's been working out just fine.