Other Zero Wasters

Last time we went grocery shopping, we went to the 91st Whole Foods because we needed a few ingredients that we knew the 119th one might not have. Anyway, while there, we came upon another zero waste couple! I felt this was blog worthy because it is the very first time we have seen anyone else using jars, produce bags, etc. while we've been out shopping. He asked about our jars (I say he because sadly, we didn't get to the point of exchanging names) and he asked if we were trying to do zero waste too and we said yes. It was just neat to met someone who even knew about it let alone did it. They are going to be featured in the Kansas City Star apparently on January 1st, talking about their zero waste lifestyle, so be sure to look for the article! We don't get the paper, but plan to borrow it from Rob's parents for this. We gave them our blog link and went our separate ways. Apparently they are moving soon, so it was just a chance meeting. Anyway, fun.

In other news: Did you know that your can recycle your old, busted up vacuum at Best Buy? Awesome isn't it? Well, not awesome that Rob and I are currently without a vacuum, but awesome that we were able to find a way to dispose of our broken one it in a green-friendly way. Thanks Best Buy!