New dining room light plus one more use of CFLs

OK most of the lights in our apartment are CFL already anyway, but there are a couple stubborn locations we have had. The big one was the dining room. There was this old crappy gold chandelier thing that used little tiny bulbs. I know they make CFLs with that size base, but they're more expensive and we knew that after we re-signed our lease we would be getting a new fixture anyway.

So, our new lease began in November and we got tired of waiting. Last night I submitted installing our new light as a friendly service request and this morning they came by to put it up!

It's pretty classy, and now no longer matches the gold on the living room fan. But, it also uses standard size bulbs.

Here's the best part. I found CFLs that came in all-cardboard packaging, almost like how incandescents have been packaged my entire life!

Now the remaining incandescents are in the hallway (CFL wouldn't fit in the globe), in the bathroom (weird spherical lights above the mirror) and in the bedroom fan (not turned on a ton but small bases like the dining room was before).