Enter the wife, your new co-contributor!

Hello!  Jess here.  Rob and I are partners in our zero waste/eco-friendly goals, so why not see posts from each of us?  Mostly Rob allowed this because I would sometimes be tempted to ask, “When are you making a new blog about this or that?” and this way if I want a post about something I can just do it.  I’m proud of Rob for starting this blog, I guess I’m just getting in on the fun.  Thanks Rob, and I hope you readers (or reader?  Do we have any readers?) will not mind.  We also tweaked a few things on the blog itself, so feel free to check it out.
For my post I wanted to show you our glass water bottles.  We simply love them.

We found these at Whole Foods.  This is my white one.  Not pictured, Rob's larger red one.  And yes Toby Keith, I do prefer drinking from glass…you can keep your red Solo cup.