Checking in on our progress

Some little updates:

I think we mentioned earlier that we would be making a lot of our own bread. Lately, however, we have just been getting our bread for sandwiches from the Whole Foods bakery.  They can put the bread directly into a cloth sack this way and it's zero waste while being convenient.

I'd say we have about 15 or so jars right now. In the beginning we almost worried about whether or not we would really be using that many. In the end I think we have found that it has been the perfect amount and that we end up always using them, sometimes even wishing we had one or two more. They have worked great.

Yes, it's December now, but I wanted to get on here and mention that this Thanksgiving my sister Lacey attempted a zero waste meal. How cool! She did a pretty decent job. She even made her own marshmallows (something I will need to try). Maybe she will be so kind as to go into more detail via a comment here. But, I just wanted to thank her for her eco-friendly efforts around the holidays. I will plan to attempt a zero waste Christmas this year. We shouldn't have too many problems with that, but I did get a roasted chicken in plastic last year from Target.  Will have to decide what to do there instead. Will have to look into ham options as well.

We have started to keep track of how often we have to take out the trash and recycling. I believe we have made quite a noticeable difference already! The recycling is what surprised me the most. It has gone way down (since we get more in jars and use less plastic, we end up with less to recycle). It will only get better now that we intend to give up Kleenex for handkerchief and paper towels for cloth, etc. Last time we took the recycling was Nov. 27th and we are still nowhere near ready to take it again. My hope is that this will mean only a once a month trip.

We use to have three trash cans: a tiny one in the bathroom, a medium one in the bedroom, and a larger one in the kitchen. We have since emptied the large one and put it into storage. We moved the medium trash can from the bedroom into the kitchen. Now we do not use one in the bedroom and we have kept the bathroom one where it is. When it's time to take the trash, we've always taken the two smaller ones and dumped them into the larger one and then took the large one out. We were taking out the large one probably about once a week.  Now, with the same system (just two trash cans though) we are almost in need to taking out, and it's been a week and four days! Now, not only does this mean we get four to five extra days before having to take the trash out, it means we are extending the time between take outs WHILE having our trash can basically cut in half.  So, long confusing story short: When we use to take a large bag of trash out once a week, we now take a medium bag out once every two weeks (well almost two weeks). I know with a little work we can get those extra 3 days :) Exciting!

101 in 1001 list:
Now, to wrap up this post, I wanted to point out that I have jumped on the 101 in 1001 bandwagon. Since my list has a lot of zero waste/eco-friendly goals on it, I felt this was an okay place to keep it. You can link to it here: http://sharprs.blogspot.com/p/101-in-1001-list.html
It is up on the static page list at the top of the blog. I will update it as I go along. I'm sure it will also serve as a source of inspiration for future posts as I accomplish some of them.

Thanks for reading.