Bar Soap

We've made the switch to bar soap. Mrs. Meyer's smelled nice, but since we can have a zero waste alternative, it just made better sense. We've already mentioned that we can get Zum soap in bulk. We do use this, but since it's more pricey, we just use it for laundry and not for hand and body use. For hand and body we have found that you can get these really great bars at 3 for $5 at Whole Foods. The brand is One With Nature. They have several different scents to chose from. In fact, for Christmas they had Cranberry Fig, Peppermint, and Sugar Cookie. Fun! Other ones I've enjoyed would be Rose Petal and Shea Butter.

We keep a bar at each sink: the kitchen and the bathroom.  Also, now that I've used up the last of my body wash, I have been using bar soap and it actually has been just fine. One With Nature soaps last a very long time and the shea butter one I have now has been wonderful in the shower and I haven't noticed it being as drying or film like as you'd think bar soap might be. Once Rob finishes up his current body wash, he will be making the switch as well. With this switch, we no longer have a need for plastic mesh body puffs either.
Making the switch. No more bottled liquid soap!
No more body wash!