A surprisingly successful Whole Foods visit

We got bulk flour for the first time this evening at the Whole Foods at 91st and Metcalf. They don’t seem to have corn flour in the bulk aisle, but we’re going to check the other Whole Foods at 119th next time. If not, I guess we’ll decide if making corn chips is worth the possibly-recyclable bag we’d have to buy the corn flour in.

Related to the bulk flour, we’re going to see how well it works to make our sandwich bread. I've tried this before but I got lazy after two or three weeks last time. Oh, and fresh warm bread is extremely tempting so it never lasted long. So it’s Friday and I’ve prepared the dough. I’ll put it in the fridge and make the bread either tomorrow or Sunday. The gluten we recently got to make making bread with whole wheat flour a bit easier seems to do the trick. The dough ends up a lot more elastic.

We also got some blocks of cheese to shred. They’re still wrapped in plastic because we don’t have any sort of other container to get them in, but I think the amount of plastic wrap is significantly less wasteful than the amount of plastic in one of the resealable bags. Plus, no starch or whatever they put in bags of shredded cheese to keep it from clumping.

Instead of getting the blue box, we got some cardboard-only not-really-elbow noodles. They’re sort of tubular, but not bent. Anyway, to avoid the trash of the cheese packet, we’ll just shred some cheddar into it and add a little milk. I might consider putting the cheese in the mini prep with a tiny bit of flour to make my own powder. Might be stringier than we’re used to but it should be pretty tasty.

We managed to get our spaghetti bread into one of our bags, but we didn’t get our explanation out in time that we didn’t want to print a whole sticker to scan. We need to try a bit harder next time to ask if we can just give them the PLU for our bread.

This doesn’t necessarily count for much but we got our beef--the leanest they had was 95%--at the counter. Eventually when we get some sort of jars for such things this will mean something. But for now we at least got it fresh.