Millcreek Woods

When I moved out of my parents' house, I moved to a tiny apartment at Millcreek Woods in Olathe. Jess lived at an apartment in Holton, KS, a bit north of Topeka. We weren't married yet. And we didn't seem to worry too much about being wasteful. I don't mean we would purposely print out emails or throw soda cans on the ground. Just that we had our trash cans and maybe we'd have to empty them weekly. It's hard to tell how much trash we were responsible for, actually, because we ate out a bit more often than I would think of as healthy.

We may not have worried so much about what went into our trash cans, but at least we used CFLs. These weren't the dark ages, after all. And who really wants to have a collection of Walmart sacks? Yeah, they're useful for scooping the cat box but I was never happy about them.

Anyway, CFLs and reusable shopping bags seem like such piddly little things at this point, if only because they were easy enough that we didn't really think about them as changes. That's the sort of small changes we were working on in the 2008-2009 range.

In fact, they might be so piddly that at this point I might consider them not even steps at all but sort of our baseline. Of course we used CFLs! Who wouldn't reuse shopping bags?

I might even, to a minor extent, think of people who don't use CFLs and reusable bags wherever possible in almost the same category as those who don't wash their hands after they use the bathroom.

But that's about where it ends at this time. No recycling to speak of, I was proud of myself for dumping cable after only a couple months of paying for something I didn't end up using all that much. My environmental awareness, you might say, was a bit drowsy.

Again, I'm not a big fan of multi-page posts. Let's move on to Avignon...