First time trying out the jars

We got some jars!

On Saturday we got up at a respectable hour so we could make it to the Overland Park farmers' market for once. We got a few things there and then went to two Whole Foods and a SuperTarget. We made it out of there with relatively little that will eventually become trash. Details below this picture of all the awesome things we got.

Farmers' market:
  • Strawberries, in a recyclable box. The guy tried to convince us to take them in a plastic bag, even though we clearly had our own bag to carry them in.
  • Apples, which we dumped from their cardboard box into our bag so the box could be reused by the farmer.
  • Jalapenos.
  • Green beans, also dumped into our bag from the box so we could leave the box behind.
  • Garlic, which looks so much better than I ever see at the store.
After the farmers' market we went to Whole Foods but they didn't have everything we needed, so we had to go to the other one on the way to Target.
  • Peanut butter, in one of our new 0.5L jars.
  • English breakfast tea for iced tea, in a tin from Teavana. The 91st and Metcalf store is the only one that has loose-leaf tea in bulk.
  • Chocolate Stampede (dark, milk, and white chocolate plus unsalted peanuts, cashews, almonds, and walnuts) in a 1L jar. They don't have this in bulk at the one on 91st, one of the reasons we had to go to the other one.
  • Yogurt-covered pretzels in a 1L jar.
  • Shatto milk, 1%.
  • One pound of 95% lean beef, in a 1L jar.
  • Some rolled oats in a hemp bulk bag.
  • Half dozen brown eggs (turns out the color of eggs is linked to the color of the hen's earlobes and that's all).
  • A bag of corn flour, because they don't have that in bulk bins.
  • A hatch pepper to add a little variety to the salsa we plan to make.
  • A lime, because they didn't have any at the farmers' market.
  • More marshmallows!
And finally, because they don't have it at Whole Foods and because of my particularities in pizzas, we went to Target and got 5 jars of pizza sauce to avoid having to go as often. We also got a little soap dish for the tub at Target. When we run out of body wash we're going to attempt to use the same soap we use for laundry.

So yeah, there'll be a little trash here. We've got the sticker from the beef, the lids from the pizza sauce spread out over several weeks, the bag from the corn flour, and the lid from the marshmallows. Oh, and those milk bottle lids. By the way, Shatto says they've investigated alternatives to plastic lids but there's only one maker of those bottles and they won't change. Maybe we should bug them about it.