Butter and bulk

I've caught up to where I started making my Google doc, so I can be a bit more specific about time frames now.

Starting sometime last month (real specific, eh?) we decided we'd give fresh-ground unsalted peanut butter a shot from Whole Foods. We ended up discovering that it's cheaper per ounce to get it this way than it is to get our standard Skippy Natural. And we don't really miss the salt. Or oil. Or sugar.

Last Saturday Jess had a jewelry party at our place. I played the part of obedient servent. Her sister Lacey was here and offered to help us by whipping up some whipped cream to dip some berries in. Lacey's got a nearly-one-year-old girl and by the time she returned to the cream from changing Aurora, it turned out we had some butter on our hands. We counted it as serendipitous, because once we're done with the sticks of butter we have now, we've decided we'll start getting Shatto cream and making our own butter. Should be fresher, and I'm much happier with the cow growing and treatment practices at Shatto than at who-knows-where that our Market Pantry or Hy-Vee butter came from.

On Wednesday Jess put the last of our current package of paper napkins in the holder. By the time these are gone, we're going to get some cloth napkins so we can avoid throwing away at least two napkins a day. 

On Thursday we came up with this great idea that we should be able to avoid buying tortillas and possibly even corn chips now. I mean, I can make pizza dough, how hard could it be? Not hard, it turns out. I gave it a go and it turned out pretty decent. All we need to do is make sure we get them a bit thinner. And get some corn flour to try making some chips. Oh, for now we're going to use up our remaining white flour for tortillas. After that's gone, it's gone. No more white flour will be allowed in the house. Whole wheat tortillas are tastier anyway.

And now we're all caught up! No promises here but if I can manage to keep up with this, it'll be helpful for me at least to see what we've done and in what order as we go. And of course there's always the hope that anyone that happens to be reading might be inspired to make a few changes here and there as well. I for one am actually beginning to cringe at the idea of how much trash is thrown out as the result of one fast food trip.